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UC Davis Demonstration

UC Davis Demonstration of a Geofortis Pozzolan Blend

Geofortis Operations Overview

Geofortis Operations Overview

An Interview with Jim Pierce – Past President of ACI and Chairman of ASTM

Listen to Dr. Marie Jackson on The Use of Natural Pozzolans In the Past and Future

Dr. Doug Hooton provides his insights into pozzolans past, present and future

Dr. Doug Hooton brings a compelling perspective to the challenges the concrete industry is facing and how natural pozzolans could contribute to solving issues.

An Interview with Bud Werner on The Use of Natural Pozzolans In the Past and Future

Listen to Bud recall the last age of using natural pozzolans successfully and comment on how they could contribute to solving problems that have re-emerged in the concrete industry.


Dr. Michael Thomas discusses the use of pozzolans in the concrete and cement Industry past, present, and future

Tim Dolen discusses natural pozzolans past, present and future.

Tim brings first hand knowledge of using natural pozzolans to solving some of the industry’s issues with ASR and durability. Listen as Tim imparts some of this knowledge and his perspective on the industry in this engaging interview.

Introduction to a Series of Interviews and Discussions on the Use of Natural Pozzolans in the Concrete Industry

Series Introduction  – Experts discuss the potential of natural pozzolans to address issues of the concrete industry.

Operation Glen Canyon Dam

Geofortis is pleased to provide this historical story behind the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. Produced by the United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, this film shows the massive challenges and solutions that were employed to construct this enduring and iconic structure in the United States and how natural pozzolans were leveraged to solve some of the challenges the project faced.