Problem:  Fly Ash Supply Shortage 


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Solving a Concrete Industry Crisis


Geofortis is developing innovative technologies and products to solve an increasingly severe challenge to the concrete industry.  At the core of Geofortis is an age-old pozzolan mineral.  Ancient Roman structures built with similar materials still stand today.

The primary pozzolan in recent years has been fly ash, a residual from coal burning power plants.  Production has diminished as coal plants close or convert to natural gas.  The Western U.S. is facing supply shortages of fly ash, creating big problems for concrete suppliers, including contract delivery issues, cost, capacity limits, quality, and performance.  Significant additional closures and conversions are scheduled, creating a bigger deficit in an already constrained market.


Before the widespread use of fly ash as concrete additives, natural pozzolans were successfully used as a raw ingredient in concrete to improve performance and durability.  Now that the availability of fly ash is limited and costs increase, a replacement is needed.  Geofortis is bringing natural pozzolans that have a proven track record of meeting these needs back to the market.

Innovative Engineering Creates Best Products

Our dedicated Research and Development team has conducted thousands of tests over 5 years to identify and prove the efficacy of our natural pozzolans for concrete additives.  We have worked with  large concrete producers to establish market presence and acceptance. We have demonstrated the benefits of our products both in the lab and in full scale concrete pours.

Our products improve concrete strength and durability, reduce permeability and provide cost savings for producers.  Many areas face severe problems due to poor quality aggregates that are solved by the addition of Geofortis' natural pozzolan products.


New Production Facilities to Serve Western US

First Plant near Salt Lake City to Serve Utah and Idaho Markets

Geofortis has aquired industrial property and designed a plant to process natural pozzolans in Tooele, UT.  Contracts have been issued in May 2020 for processing equipment and construction.  The new plant is expected to begin operations in May 2021.  The plant uses our natural pozzolan source located just 40 minutes from the plant and will serve the greater Salt Lake area.


Geofortis' second plant is planned at our 18 acre site in Reno, NV. It will use our natural pozzolan source located 30 minutes west and other sources.  The Reno plant will serve both northern Nevada and Northern California by truck and rail shipments.


Dave Jarrett


Dave brings extensive experience in finance, accounting and executive leadership in positions of CFO and COO of diverse companies.  He has worked at a big 4 accounting firm and maintains his CPA accreditation. 

Jim Bowen

Director of Business Development/Founder

Jim has started and grown numerous companies including engineering and development firms.  He brings over 12 years of experience in the construction industry and over 40 years in finance, accounting, business development and operations.

David McMurtry

Chief Operating Officer

Dave has over 35 years of experience in engineering and construction management. As a former executive within a large E&C firm with10 recent years of startup experience, he has operational expertise to deliver quality, reliability and efficiency.

Mike Donovan, PE, FACI

President, Geofortis Pozzolans

Mike brings over 30 years of experience in the cement and concrete industry to Geofortis, specializing in research and development. He serves on a number of American Concrete Institute and ASTM committees including as a member of the ACI 240 National Pozzolans committee and is influential in industry specifications.


Entrepreneurial parent company poised for growth

Producing and delivering pozzolan products to the concrete and cement industry 

Developing proven and new natural pozzolan resources in the Western US

Producing pozzolans in Salt Lake City market for concrete producer customers


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1 925 272 2600

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320 Western Road, Suite 1

Reno, NV 89506


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