Reliable and Consistent Supply

The Problem

  • The Western US is facing supply shortages of SCMs.
  • The primary SCM is fly ash, a residual from coal-burning power plants. Fly ash availability has diminished as coal plants close or convert to natural gas. Significant additional closures and conversions are scheduled, creating a bigger deficit in an already constrained market.

The Result

  • Concrete producers are facing contract delivery issues, higher cost, capacity limits, and variable quality which results in inferior concrete.

The Solution

  • The entire industry acknowledges an additional and imminent replacement SCM is needed. The clear front runner is Geofortis’ natural pozzolans which can be used as a replacement of fly ash or used in addition to fly ash in concrete mixes.
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"Fly Ash Current and Future Supply"

“To mitigate the effects of a fly ash shortage, the construction industry has the option to use other SCMs and admixtures allowed by Caltrans Standard Specifications.” . . .  “One of the primary obstacles to replacing fly ash is the large volume that would be required to fill a supply shortfall. Based on expert industry representatives and data available from USGS, natural pozzolans have the greatest single potential supply volume.” CalTrans Fly Ash Current and Future Supply, 2016

Mapped: The world’s coal power plants

Carbon Brief, May 2018

Globally, 200GW of coal power generation has closed due to a wave of retirements across the EU and US. Another 170GW is set to retire by 2030 and 13 of the world’s 77 coal-powered countries plan a total phaseout.
Meanwhile, electricity generated from coal peaked in 2014, so the expanding fleet is running fewer hours than ever. This erodes coal’s bottom line, as does competition from gas and renewables.