Geofortis' natural mineral products are valuable ingredients in paints and coatings.  Testing and product development by independent third party laboratories have demonstrated useful, value added properties.
  • Opacity.  TiO2 is one of the most expensive and widely needed pigments in coatings and is subject to dramatic price variations. Geofortis'  products can replace up to 60% of the TiO2 by volume in paint with no loss of opacity.
  • Abrasion and Scuff Resistance.  Geofortis' products are superior  in Taber Abrasion  and Wet Scrub tests when combined with TiO2 compared to TiO2 alone.
  • Economics and Performance Enhancement.  Geofortis products will reduce production costs while improving performance.

  Optical Properties
  • Opacity/Hiding and color characteristics similar to TiO2 
Physical Properties
  • Improved Taber Abrasion
  • Improved Wet Scrub
  • Improved Burnish
  • Comparable household stain resistance
Wet Properties (Waterborne Architectural Formulation)
  • Comparable sag resistance
  • Good Heat Age Stability
  • Comparable viscosity profile as TiO2
  • Can replace up to 60% TiO2  on volume and maintain opacity and hide

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