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Natural Pozzolans

Natural Pozzolans are typically  produced by volcanic eruptions, consisting of high concentrations of amorphous (non-crystalline) silica and aluminum oxides, key ingredients for concrete enhancement

Geofortis has two natural pozzolan deposits in the western US.

California Deposit

Lassen County, CA
150 Million Tons under Geofortis Control
Historically Proven Resource
Lassenite™ - Unique Combination of Volcanic Ash and Diatomite
Extremely High Pozzolanic Activity and ASR Mitigation

Utah Deposit

Tooele County, UT
2,500 Acres under Geofortis Control
Proven Reserves
Volcanic Tephra (ash)
Excellent Pozzolanic Activity and ASR Mitigation​
Utah & Nevada DOT Prequalified with more states expected soon