Concrete Basics

Concrete in its most basic form is paste (cement and water) and aggregates (rock and sand) which is plastic and malleable when newly mixed and strong and durable when hardened. Many people interchange the words “cement” and “concrete”. Technically, this is like interchanging the words “flour” and “cake”.

Product Benefits - Geofortis' Natural Pozzolans Improve Concrete Performance and Economics

  • Replace or enhance dwindling fly ash supplies
  • Avoid risk of power plant outages
  • Avoid seasonal rationing or shortfalls
  • Gain consistent quality source of Supplementary Cementicious Materials (SCMs)
  • Increase strength over typical fly ash mix
  • Set Time equal or faster than typical fly ash mix
  • Improve Air Entrainment stability
  • Mitigate ASR
  • Reduce Permeability
  • Improve finishing and workability
  • Replace Portland cement, the most expensive ingredient in concrete
  • Reduce aggregate cost 
  • Enable use of wider alkaline aggregate sources

  • Reduce CO2 Global Warming Potential by 90% for every ton of Geofortis SCM replacing Portland cement
  • Gain LEEDs credits for sustainable architecture and project design
  • Meet specifications for "green" projects
  • Exceeds the requirements of the ASTM C – 618 for use in concrete.
  • Pre-approved by Utah's and Nevada's Department of Transportation