Product Benefits

Geofortis’ Natural Pozzolans Improve Concrete Performance and Economics

  • Replace or enhance dwindling fly ash supplies
  • Avoid risk of power plant outages
  • Avoid seasonal rationing or shortfalls
  • Gain consistent quality source of Supplementary Cementicious Materials (SCMs)
  • Increase strength over typical fly ash mix
  • Set Time equal or faster than typical fly ash mix
  • Improve Air Entrainment stability
  • Mitigate ASR
  • Reduce Permeability
  • Improve finishing and workability
  • Replace Portland cement, the most expensive ingredient in concrete
  • Reduce aggregate cost 
  • Enable use of wider alkaline aggregate sources

  • Reduce CO2 Global Warming Potential by 90% for every ton of Geofortis SCM replacing Portland cement
  • Gain LEEDs credits for sustainable architecture and project design
  • Meet specifications for "green" projects
  • Exceeds the requirements of the ASTM C – 618 for use in concrete.
  • Pre-approved by Utah's and Nevada's Department of Transportation