Solving a Concrete Industry Crisis

Innovative Engineering Creates Best Products

Geofortis is developing innovative technologies and products to solve an increasingly severe challenge to the concrete industry.

Geofortis pozzolan products solve a critical product shortage crisis

Geofortis’  products solve an increasingly severe challenge to the concrete industry.  At the core of Geofortis is an age-old pozzolan mineral.  Ancient Roman structures built with similar materials still stand today.
Geofortis’ natural pozzolan products, produced from naturally occurring volcanic ash, replace Portland cement in concrete. Because Portland cement manufacturing is a significant source of greenhouse gases, natural pozzolans provide a greener alternative, at a lower cost, to pure cement mixes.
Coal-Burning Power PlantCoal-Burning Power Plant
Roman Aqueduct Built Using Natural PozzolansRoman Aqueduct Built Using Natural Pozzolans
The primary pozzolan used in concrete in recent years has been fly ash, a residual from coal-burning power plants.  Production has diminished as coal plants close or convert to natural gas.  The Western U.S. is facing supply shortages of fly ash, creating big problems for concrete suppliers, including contract delivery issues, cost, capacity limits, quality, and performance.  Significant additional closures and conversions are scheduled, creating a bigger deficit in an already constrained market.
Before the use of fly ash as a concrete additive, natural pozzolans were successfully used as a raw ingredient in concrete to improve its performance and durability.  Now that the availability of fly ash has become limited and the costs have increased, a replacement is needed.  Geofortis is bringing superior natural pozzolans to the market that have a proven track record of meeting these needs.

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